Certified Emotional Success Coach

Accredited EFT Practitioner


Like you I once felt emotionally overwhelmed and unfocused in my work/life balance. I had a lot on my plate and and if I could figure out a way to juggle it all, I would feel better. Before starting my family I thought maybe I just needed to find the right career or work environment and everything would be fine. So I gave up a successful marketing career in the corporate world for what I hoped was the more freedom and ease of a smaller boutique firm with a family feel. They had a pool table in the middle of the office, so I was confident they understood work/life balance. They didn't. So once again I moved on to other careers (TV and film production; Real Estate) and guess what?  The result was exactly the same.… me stressed out, physically and emotionally exhausted. I was worried about everything, my thoughts were constantly racing, I had trouble sleeping, I was procrastinating and neglecting my responsibilities,  and my immune system took a nose dive.

It was then that I came to the realization that it wasn’t the job or the environment that needed work, it was me. My inner and outer worlds were in turmoil.  Where was the peace and joy in my life and work? Who knew? I was too busy holding on for dear life. And I knew I was ignoring a vital part of myself as I was doing it.

I knew I had to make a change in myself, but my first attempts didn't work. Good intentions and self-awareness weren't enough to change my mindset. Visioning, and talking about it didn't change how I felt and acted. I could say all the positive affirmations I wanted, but all that did was reaffirm how far away I was from where I wanted to be.

It was then that I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), aka Tapping. It was the tool I needed to remove the barriers and release the stress and anxiety I was putting on myself.  It helped me manage my daily energy while actually healing the causes of all of those anxious feelings.

Here’s why it works:
It uncovers the real reasons you're not "motivated" or your procrastinate (You'll be surprised at the 'whys')

It breaks down the fears and old limiting beliefs, in many cases eliminating them at their source - this is real freedom

It's simple enough that you can do the maintenance yourself

The effects are need to keep revisiting the past

It interrupts the stress response and rewires your brain so you can feel calm instead of stress

So if you want to feel that calm you have been looking for, while at the same time gain the clarity you need to move to the next step, I have the solution.  I offer stress release solutions for those who are done with feeling stressed and overwhelmed and are ready to reclaim their vitality, spark and sense of purpose.


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